Besides the "Hernández Morejón" Award and the Dynamis Award given by the Spanish Society for the History of Medicine, other awards for historical and medical research are issued in Spain.

Uriach Prize


The Uriach Foundation 1838 awards an annual and international prize in order to promote studies on History of Medical Science. Prizewinners will be awarded for the best study on History of Health Science, according to the appointed jury.

The award will be issued according on the following


35th Uriach Foundation of History of Medicine Prize

  1. The 41st Uriach Foundation of History of Medicine Prize (2010) is open to any History researcher from any country, and worth €3,000.
  2. All monographs submitted must be original and unpublished. The prize will not be awarded to any piece of work that, at the time of being awarded, has been totally or partially published, or submitted to a different award.
  3. All monographs must be submitted on both paper and electronic support. The printed copy must be double-spaced and have up to 70,000 characters, including spaces, bibliography and additional iconography.
  4. All original monographs must be written in Spanish and submitted to the Uriach Foundation before 15th October 2010. It must be submitted in an envelope marked with the pseudonym of the author/s, without any personal information. Personal information about the author/s (not deducible from the bibliography) must be included in a sealed envelope marked with the pseudonym, which must be attached to the mongraphy.
  5. The jury will award the 41st Uriach Foundation of History of Medicine Prize. The decision of the jury is unappealable,and will be published in January 2010. A second prize may be awarded if the jury considers it suitable.
  6. The prizewinning monograph/s will belong to the Uriach Foundation 1838, and may be published the “Medicina e Historia” journal under recommendation of the jury. Should the jury decide to publish the awarded piece of work, the author/s may be requested to carry out the pertinent corrections so as to adapt the text to the characteristics of the journal.
  7. Once the Prize is awarded, the secretary of the jury will proceed to open the sealed envelope corresponding to the winner/s. All non-awarded original monographs and sealed envelopes will then be destroyed.
  8. Participation implies total acceptance of these basis.

Palau-solità i Plegamans, January 2010

  • All information related to this Prize shall be submitted to:
    • Centro de Documentación de Historia de la Medicina
    • Fundación Uriach 1838
    • Pol. Industrial Riera de Caldes
    • Avda. Camí Reial, 51-57
    • 08184 Palau-solità i Plegamans, (Barcelona)
    • SPAIN
      • E-mail:
      • Phone No.: (34) 93 863 02 25

Oleguer Miró i Borràs Award

The Official School of Doctors of Barcelona, proves its intention of promoting Catalonian cultural studies through the Historic File of Science of Health of Manresa which announces this Award with the inestimable scientific support of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia, the Catalonian Society of History of Medicine, the Academy of Medical Science of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, the Joan Lluís Vives Institute and the Ramon Llull Institute.

  • Prizewinners of the 8th Oleguer Miró Award, 2004:
  • Marc Torras y Ramon Cornet i Arboix, “El receptari de Manresa”
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